Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

15-minute meet & greet: free
75-minute initial visit: $225
15-minute brief follow-up: $60
30-minute follow-up (most common): $100
45-minute extended follow-up: $150

20-minute acute visit (may be scheduled last minute): $120
Pelvic exam (30 minutes): TBA [not currently available]

High-dose vitamin/mineral IV visit: $150
Glutathione IV visit: $110

*Naturopathic services are GST exempt



Most extended healthcare plans offer reimbursement for naturopathic medicine. Contact your insurance company for details. We do not offer direct billing at this time.

Patients eligible for MSP premium assistance are eligible for coverage of $23/visit for up to 10 visits a year. In addition I offer a reduced rate for patients who qualify for premium assistance.


Please do not let finances be a barrier in seeking naturopathic services with Dr. Webb. If this is a concern for you, contact me.