Services & Tools


Services & Tools


Comprehensive intake and health history, with creation of an individualized treatment protocol

Physical exams

Laboratory diagnostics

  • conventional laboratory testing (such as cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, ferritin, thyroid panel, etc.) both for investigative purposes as well as for regular screening

  • advanced specialized testing including: comprehensive hormone testing, in-depth analyses of gut flora, food sensitivity testing

  • blood draws (patients may bring their own requisition from any doctor)

Women’s Health

  • Gynecological and PAP exams [not currently available]

  • Pregnancy testing




  • Food as medicine

  • Specific therapeutic diets

  • Targeted nutritional supplementation

  • High dose nutrient IV therapy

Botanical Medicine

  • Custom blended herbal tinctures and teas

Pharmaceutical Medicine

  • Appropriate use of drug therapy

  • Supervised medication tapering

Physical Medicine

  • Acupuncture

  • Spinal manipulations

  • Hydrotherapy

Mind/body wellness

  • Nervous system regulation techniques

  • Stress management and self-care techniques

  • Lifestyle coaching: sleep hygiene, food hygiene, and appropriate movement/exercise

  • Learning to listen: mindfulness meditation, intuitive eating, and connecting to the wisdom of your own body