The Process

Working with Dr. Hannah Webb


The Process: what to expect


Initial visit

In your initial 60-minute visit we will comprehensively discuss your primary health concerns, your medical history, and other indicators of health such as your sleep, stress, and diet. I will perform any required physical exams, and we will do lab work if necessary. Please bring any current lab work with you to your first appointment.



The number of follow-up visits will vary. Some patients may require 1-2 return visits, some may come weekly for 6-weeks for a specific in-office protocol, while others will continue to see me on an ongoing basis for yearly check-ups. This will be dependent on your particular needs.


Specialized services

Acute care:

You are able to book a 20-minute acute visit for any last-minute concerns. This visit will entail a targeted intake, and you will be prescribed treatment as necessary.

Gynecological Exams and PAPs:

Coming soon. Contact me for more details.