A little more about Hannah...


A living, evolving "about me"

I am a wild woman. I have a big heart, two feet on the ground and head in the sky. I am an explorer of life. I often wish I had an infinity of lifetimes to learn all the things I want to learn: read a whole library worth of books, live in a forest and gain deep knowledge about plants, as well as become an expert rock climber, physicist, immunologist, modern dancer, and cellist. And a buddhist with a devoted mindfulness practice. And so many other things. I am reconciling my hunger to do it all with the knowledge that we each have gifts to share, and finding my way to brightly shine my particular gifts. I hope to become a wise old woman with bright eyes, because I believe that eyes, as the “window to the soul,” reflect so much about our deeper well being, our comfort with ourselves, and our ability to be vulnerable and open to the world. 


I am passionate about the earth and my connection to it, and about the small ways we can be radical in our every day lives. I want my life to be one of open hearts, safe space, deep connection, and shared meals, gathering together to discover ourselves and create the community and world we want to be part of. I am grateful to be part of a profession that explicitly recognizes the importance of my own growth and self work. That demands of me to become not just a technician, but a healer, in the deepest sense of the word.

I am a lifelong learner, and love to explore the workings of the human body. There is beautiful complexity to the organs, chemical and hormonal relationships, and many interconnected biological systems that keep us alive and moving every day. In my role as physician I learn by asking questions, yes, but also by feeling the biceps tendon and the liver, hearing heart sounds, and finding the cervix. In this way I listen to the language of the body's signals. And because it is naturopathic medicine, I also get to listen to the subtle body, meridians and acupuncture points, and the way our emotional life is deeply connected to and stored in our physical self. This is a unique and potent exploration with each new patient. Let’s learn together.

Facts: I am a white, curly-haired woman of mixed Welsh, Irish, British, Germanic descent. I currently reside on Salt Spring Island, BC on unceded Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth, and Kwakwaka'wakw territory. I prefer the pronouns she/her/hers.