Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Hannah Webb


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is unique because it utilizes tools from conventional medicine as well as from alternative and complementary medicine. Naturopathic doctors combine current research and evidence-based medicine with wisdom from traditional medicine. We are the experts in integrative medicine, well versed in the language of both worlds.  

Not everyone knows that naturopathic medicine is a board-certified regulated health profession in British Columbia. Becoming a naturopathic physician entails 4-years of post-graduate naturopathic medical studies. Students are immersed in the sciences of pathophysiology, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, and immunology. At the same time they are extensively trained in nutrition, counselling, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and spinal manipulations. The resulting diversity of practitioners is immense – naturopathic doctors vary widely in their clinical focus and treatment modalities. We collectively have much to offer.  

Yet naturopathic doctors are not just medical doctors who use natural treatment methods. We have a unique treatment philosophy. Naturopathic medicine is holistic, meaning we look at you, our patient, in your full expression as a being. We address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Together we will explore all of your different symptoms to get a full picture of who YOU are. From there, we will ask; how might these things be related? Why is this going on? We will see if we can tie them together to elegantly address your concerns at their most fundamental root cause.

Naturopathic medicine is about wellness. Depending on the patient, our goal may be preventing disease progression, resolution of a health condition, or it may be achieving optimal health. Regardless, we are not just symptomatically treating disease. Although we can do that too. 

As a naturopathic doctor, I will work with you to understand how your body has gotten out of balance so that we can correct the course. We will address the basic determinants of health, including sleep, digestion and nutrient absorption, and stress levels. Doing so provides your body the tools it needs to be able to heal.  

I will use a variety of treatment modalities (read more here) to help you achieve your health goals. To help you feel good, vital and well, not just “not bad”. The journey to health is a process, and I am here to work with you, to partner with you and offer my tools. If something isn’t working for you or you have any feedback please let me know. I know a lot but no doctor can ever know everything. You are the expert on your own experience. Don’t hesitate to communicate that to me.  

As a physician, my ultimate goal is to help you feel better in your body, and connect more deeply and honestly with yourself. I want to help you shine your bright light into the world, in whichever way you choose.