A little about my blog

Hello! You’ve stumbled across my offering: a DIY blog and forum for me to share my experiments in finding ways to... do it myself. I post my experiments with plant medicine remedies, homemade body-care projects, and my favourite healthy recipes, as well as my thoughts on how to live better without products, even natural ones. These projects are the fruits of a continual process of questioning what I have been told I need or want, and deciding what is actually right for me and my body. Finding ways to take a step away from false needs perpetuated by marketing companies, and to avoid relying on chemical products that are toxic for me and the earth. This is my effort to empower myself and others with simple strategies, forgotten wisdom, and homemade witchy potions and elixirs.


When I first started learning about herbal medicines each new plant on each new slide of the powerpoint presentation in my lecture hall seemed abstract and far away. It wasn’t until I spent a summer living in a small rural area that I realized that many of these plants are not exotic or unusual in the least - many of them are weeds that grow along the side of the road. These plants have powerful actions that can help us heal wounds more quickly, calm our nervous system, ease period cramps, promote digestion, and address insomnia, among so many other things. How has this knowledge been forgotten? It is so easy and so accessible. What can we do to help ourselves?

This website is my collection of experiments to demystify and explore this forgotten knowledge. This includes herbal remedies for common ailments, fermented foods, natural body care, and some of my favourite edibles. There are little life hacks, some mostly for the fun of it, some because you can’t buy them anywhere, and all because it is immensely satisfying to create something tangible with your own two hands. This is a deep and meaningful act of self care. The symbolic act of putting energy into your own well-being is powerful, but also when you make your own anything, you can ensure there are none of the harmful chemicals that are so ubiquitous in processed foods and commercial products. This site is my effort to create an empowering alternative.

Please note: the information contained on this website is not intended to be taken as medical advice or as substitute for a visit with a health care provider. Please consult with your medical doctor or licensed naturopathic physician before making any changes to your health care regimen including: diet, exercise, supplements or medications.